Imagination in a conference

When you go on a science conference for the first time and you find absolutely everybody older than you, the way that the youngest is atleast five years older, the conference gets boring. Now add the subjects that are not relevant to your field, waking up early in the morning and a warm silent room... Continue Reading →


The other passenger

Imagine on a Saturday morning, you take a bus which only has another passenger. This passenger has the power of reading your mind and you know it. Now that you know this fact, what would you think of? Thoughts, are the most personal thing we have. Everything you think of, shows who you really are.... Continue Reading →


I never understand how people can spend energy to move their muscles to say something as a "joke" , which was completely unnecessary and just a waste. Sometimes these "jokes" can beak a heart, and no one will see it.

5012 being published

Good news!!! 5012 is going to be published 😊😊 that's why I removed all the story, except for the first chapter from the weblog Hope you read it and enjoy it.


“Phone is no longer simply a method of communicating with others, but a thread of hope, a way of believing that you’re not alone, a way of showing others how important you are” -The winner stands alone By Paulo Coelho ————————————- Image link: Credits to the artist 

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