“These are the new people joined us” said John, “see if they can help.” I looked at the three people he was introducing me “which one can do modeling with computer?” I asked. One of them stepped forward “I can.” He said. “Ok then,” I told John “the other two may work for Steven, or... Continue Reading →


I could see her. Not her face, just a shadow with a familiar voice “John, darling, can you take Sarah to the park?” she asked me, kindly. And my answer was always “yeas dear” and telling a small girl “get ready! Daddy is taking you”. She would shout happily and run around to prepare, as... Continue Reading →


After a short journey by the ship, we rode the helicopters to arrive at Shelter. It’s been seven month since the last time I was there. However, everything was just the same. Shelter was a really big area, in west of a country known as Russia, and some other countries like Estonia, Latvia, Belarus and... Continue Reading →

1: David Philips

- Sir! This one is alive! - Really? Isn’t this amazing? Which one is this? - 5012, sir. - I liked this one from the start. She could hear voices of two men from distance. One of them seemed to belong to an old man, but not a weak one. She tried to open her... Continue Reading →


this is the first story I put in my blog.  It is science fiction and action. the story is being told by different people, the name of them is the name of each chapter. As they say the story, the time goes on and everything gathers together in the final chapters. I hope everyone enjoy it.... Continue Reading →

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