My first audiobook experience was with 1984. All together it took more than 12 hours to finish it and it was my second experience with George Orwell. Like animal farm, the story has the hidden truth beneath it. Even though, the truth was more obvious than animal farm and less metaphors have been used. The... Continue Reading →

The story of my name

Well, why Katherine Joe? Where does it come from? Who is she? The people who have followed me from the start, might have realised that I have changed my name a couple of times. From my real name, my nicknames and then Katherine Joe, which I published "5012" with it. So where does Katherine come... Continue Reading →

The real happiness?

Sometimes small changes are the best, routines are the best, being on your own is the best. But beside them all being the same person living in the same place doing the same thing and not changing a bit, that is not the best idea. Life is about improving oneself and exploring the world. No... Continue Reading →

The Girl with the Small Basket

That little girl was always in the market with her small basket, looking around. I never saw her with her parents, yet she did not seemed to be scared so I assumed that she was with someone after all. Every time she was standing in front of a huge teddy bear in the market and... Continue Reading →

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