8 Eight: Erik Phantom

That was a real nightmare. We lost the signal of Stewart and John’s location and we didn’t have any idea what has happened. That night, all I did was crying. The man I loved the most in the world, with all of his flaws, had left me. The man who was beside m when I... Continue Reading →


7 Seven: Eagle

I was looking at the huge smart map in control room with lots of signs on it. Small red spots were our soldiers on their saving missions. I just needed to touch the dots to see all the data. Shelter in the middle and the area around it was coloured by green. Some areas around... Continue Reading →


Working in the lab with Erik was a good opportunity to learn new things. Shiro helped me out a lot. He was so patient in explaining things. Sometimes I was wondering where does he know everything from? He seemed a kind guy. Once Erik told me that he was here before himself got here and... Continue Reading →

Beautiful World

In a world full of lies, You'll be called LIER, when you say the truth by the people who don't say a word, but lies... Leila Ghanabr 🙂

5 Five: Bernard Sau (Part II)

The school toure finished so soon. Captain let us go expect for Eagle and John who still had reports to give him. I always wondered where he was, when he wasn’t here? He would come once a month usually and only talk to some senior soldiers and leave. Where to? No one knew. I was... Continue Reading →

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